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Saniderm is a second skin bandage. It is flexible, sterile, and water-resistant. 

Saniderm will be applied after the tattoo procedure, to help protect it during its most vulnerable phase

(usually the first 1-3 days).

 The concept is to allow the tattoo to heal in it's own sterile, wet environment.

The first piece of Saniderm should (try) to be worn for at least 24 hours.

It will get pretty icky under there, you will see blood plasma and ink pooling under the bandage.

Honestly, it might look pretty gross. But- it's normal!

*IF it's just super wet, or leaking, take it off instead of trying to leave it on the full 24 hours.

DO NOT pick, poke, or peel the bandage... we know it's hard, but leave it alone.

As long as the bandage is sealed all the way around the tattoo, and it hasn't peeled up on any side, you can leave it on. The first bandage is usually kept on for 1-3 days depending on the tattoo.

When it is time to remove it, just peel it off and wash it with liquid soap.

Pat dry with clean paper towel, and allow to dry out before applying any lotions or Aquaphor. 

Sensitive Skin: is prone to reacting to the adhesive in the tattoo bandage. 

You could experience a range of reactions, please talk to the artist if you have sensitive skin.


Take it off, and wash gently with liquid antibacterial soap.

Lather the soap to make sure all of the plasma and excess ink has been cleaned from it.

Let it dry out, and take care of it as normal.

(Click "Basic Tattoo Care under the Aftercare tab so see instructions)

Some clients buy their own box of Saniderm, so they can rewrap themselves after the intitial dressing is off. 

If you would like us to remove/clean/rewrap the Saniderm, we can do so for $20. 

You can find Saniderm for sale HERE*

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