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Basic Tattoo Care:

  1. Remove wrapping, wash with liquid antibacterial soap and warm water until all the gunk is off. Pat dry with clean paper towel.

  2. Wash in the morning, and at night before bed. A few times throughout the day wouldn't hurt if you have a dirty job or it will be uncovered and/or is below the knee. 

  3. The morning after your tattoo, you can begin moisturizing with Aquaphor* After about 3 days, or when the tattoo dries up, you can switch to moisturizing with non-scented lotion.

  4. It could take up to 3 weeks for you tattoo to heal completely, usually less. 

  5. Don't listen to your friends, don't rewrap your tattoo with plastic wrap, DO text your artist or call the shop is you have any questions.

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