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Nadine "Boomie"


My name is Nadine, and I have been an artist my whole life; my greatest creations so far are my wonderful daughters! *dawwwww*


I decided to open Little Bird in 2018 after I had been tattooing for 10 years. I worked at many tattoo shops along the way and took lessons from every one.

Little Bird is my art studio & happy place!


The subject(s) I like tattooing most are anything organic: spacey, animals, crystals, skulls, mushrooms 

I also love freehand, abstract, sacred, AND (of course) animal portraits!

I enjoy tattooing color on any skin tone, but black & gray is cool, and heck I can even do blacklight tattoos...

Large- scale tattoos like sleeves and backpieces are super fun as well, so I guess you could say "You pick it, I'll stick it"


I'm a big art nerd, and even went to college; I didn't end up graduating but the education I received has influenced my tattoo style tremendously


Since having my children my time has become more valuable, so won't be taking on certain projects... feel free to contact me with your ideas and ill be happy to refer you if I can't take it on






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