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frequently asked questions

I want to get a tattoo, where do I start?

     You can send a submission form, or call the shop at (775) 501-5066 to schedule a consultation. 

     A consultation is free, and usually takes about 15 minutes. If we decide to book a tattoo appointment for you- a               MINIMUM $80 deposit is required to book. Be prepared to pay a deposit between $80-$400 the day of your             consultation. Deposit will be due upon scheduling your tattoo session.

What is a deposit?

     A deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, this secures your appointment time and artwork for the tattoo. The deposit goes towards your LAST appointment of the tattoo we plan. Deposit is usually $80 for minimum tattoos, or HALF of the estimated total- depending on the size of the tattoo. Stay in contact with your artist if an emergency comes up, and you need to reschedule, we are very understanding- but if you don't show up, the deposit is forfeited. Artists reserve the right to require a NEW deposit upon reschedule. 


You are required to look over this FAQ page before booking you appointment.

How much does a tattoo cost?

     The shop minimum is $150

     The artists charge $180/hour for large, multi-session pieces like sleeves and backs. Some tattoos are estimated based on design/size, and not hourly.

     Contact the shop to set up a consultation for more accurate pricing on your ideas! 

NOTE: Artist's rates may vary**

Do I need to be early?

     Please do not come any earlier than 5 minutes for your tattoo appointment. If you are going to be more than 5                minutes late, contact your artist with updates. If you are more than 15 minutes late and have not informed the artist,        your appointment will be cancelled, and you are considered a "no-show". 


Do you tattoo minors, anyone under the age of 18?

     We MIGHT tattoo minors, under these conditions: 

            Minor cannot be under 16 years old.  Minor must have legal parent or guardian present at the time of                   scheduling, and during the tattoo. Minor must have photo ID, parent/guardian must also have government issued photo ID, you must also bring birth certificate or legal document proving relationship.

     We WILL NOT tattoo hands, faces, or necks of minor. We have the right to decide what we will and will not      tattoo, on a case by case basis.

What style of tattoos do you offer?

     You pick it we stick it!

If there is any style we feel another artist would be more suited to, we will refer you to them.

What if I need a touchup?

     It is up to the artist what they will charge based on the condition of the tattoo. 

Do you do coverups, or touch up old tattoos? 

     Yes! Contact the shop to schedule a rework/ coverup of an old tattoo.

What forms of payment do you accept?

     We always prefer CASH. Some artists will accept Venmo, Zelle, Facebook pay but you need to confirm with your artist prior to scheduling.


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